The Story of BMCO

BMCO strives to celebrate a lifestyle of hard work and determination, to speak a language of grit and fortitude. Though first inspired by the history of Buffalo, BMCO now moves beyond a city. We look into the history to be inspired by the way people worked to forge greatness, and then hand that off beyond our city limits through design.

We are sharing the story of hard work, cool design, and creativity - attributes that are quickly becoming lost in a modern world. We are here to put our foot down and hold these values to heart. We are a new generation of greatness. New name, same old grit.

The History of BMCO, as told by founder and designer, Rob Hopkins:

"Back in 2011 I coined the phrase "Buffalo Made" and began sketching a logo which became the monogram logo that remains the same today. A couple years later my obsession with Buffalo's history and this rough idea for a brand came together when I took the old Bethlehem Steel logo and swapped the type out so it said Buffalo Made instead. This simple design—which remains a best seller today—was just what I needed. It was a theme. It was a way for me to tell stories and reimagine Buffalo's rich history in new and original ways.

Buffalo Made Co. is a passion project. It’s an outlet to make products that I want and that wouldn’t be available otherwise. Buffalo Made Co. is about the people made in Buffalo showing that pride. The brand is inspired by Buffalo’s past, present, and future. When customers show their support and make a purchase, my intent is that they proudly say “I am Buffalo Made” not simply “This was made in Buffalo”.

Forever proud. Never Dead.